Sometimes Kubernetes's light mode can be straining on the eyes.

Let's take a look to see how the new addition of a dark mode in Kubernetes 1.21 will reduce your eye strain and potentially mean for a better sleep.


When I'm deploying all of the Kubes, I know that I like to be able to focus really well.

How to enable

Let's get it set up:

  1. using the in-built hamburger menu, click onto Preferences

ii. now in the Preferences menu, select Theme variant


iii. choose the Dark option

Important to note:

  • just like usual, commands such as kubectl get pods -A will still work the same.
  • there is no need to reconfigure the APIServer or kubelets

With that all done, you can now SAFELY enjoy the new dark mode.

Special thanks to sig-darkmode!


How to disable

There is no option available, but expected to be implemented in Kubernetes 2.0

PS: Happy April 1st!